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Van Nuys, CA
Lost 25 lbs
Photo of woman showing her before and after the weight loss.

My Story:

I’m a mother of 3 kids and after I had my third child, I wasn’t able to shed the extra pounds even though I played soccer every weekend. I needed something to jump start the weight loss and give me that extra boost.


My experience with Diet Doctors and their staff:

Everyone at Diet Doctors has always been friendly and very welcoming each time I visited the office.


What motivated me to lose weight?

I was always athletic and in shape, but after my third pregnancy I just wasn’t happy with the extra weight. I was always determined to go back to my old self.


What were/are my biggest challenges?

I had a weakness for Snickers, Reese’s and beer. I was also troubled by not having any energy towards the end of the day.


Special tip(s) I would like to share:

Always stay focused and keep your goals in mind to achieve what you want.


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