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Sherman Oaks, CA
Lost 40 lbs
Photo of woman showing her before and after the weight loss.

My Story:

I've always struggled with my weight. I've tried it all, from diet groups to diet pills (over the counter and prescription) since the 5th grade. Nothing worked. One day, my mother discovered Colleen Phillips' Diet Doctors Medical Weight Loss Program and convinced me to try out their Diet Center. Amazingly, I lost my first 30 lbs in 4 months, and have continued to lose and maintain my goal weight with the help of their FDA-approved, physician-prescribed medications. Also, the nutritionist/nurse behavior modification therapy and the Vitamin B-12 injections are most helpful.


My experience with Diet Doctors and their staff:

From the moment I walked through the door at Diet Doctors Medical Center, I knew that I was at the right place. The warm staff made me feel secure and welcome, the physicians are highly trained and thorough. Everyone was so professional and seemed to actually care about my well-being and my health, rather than just selling a product.


What motivated me to lose weight?

I'm a dancer. I've been dancing my whole life. Then, a wonderful opportunity presented itself, but I had to lose weight first. So, I decided that I was done being unhealthy and that it was time to get back into shape, improve my health, and finally pursue my passion for dance.


What were/are my biggest challenges?

My biggest challenges were about truly adapting to this new lifestyle and adding workout to my diet routine. But to my surprise, I soon discovered, that the diet pills actually gave me additional energy that would help me with my workout.


Special tip(s) I would like to share:

Allow yourself to cave in every once in a while. Indulge in a small treat when you're truly craving, but also remember why you're here. Remember your true worth and that you want the "external you" to represent the "internal you".


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