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Canoga Park, CA
Lost 87 lbs
Photo of man showing him before and after the weight loss.

My Story:

When I first started at Diet Doctors on September 7, 2012, I weighed 325 lbs. It is now 6 months later and I've lost 75 lbs in this very short amount of time. Taking the medication, eating healthy and exercising is all you need to succeed. Losing this weight was very easy for me because their physician-prescribed diet pill is just amazing.


My experience with Diet Doctors and their staff:

The staff at Diet Doctors is very nice and professional, and I felt I was in good hands from day one. Everyone does a wonderful job and they really want to help you achieve your goal. Physicians are always on site, which gives me peace of mind too.


What motivated me to lose weight?

My wake up call was definitely the birth of my first son. Upon seeing him for the first time, I immediately knew that I wanted to be as healthy as possible to see him grow up and not miss being there in the process. Losing the weight really changed my life.


What were/are my biggest challenges?

For me the biggest challenge is eating healthy and watching my portions. But once you get into a routine and know exactly what you need to do to lose weight, it becomes easy and you get accustomed to doing it.


Special tip(s) I would like to share:

Patience and perseverance are qualities that you MUST have if you want to be successful in reaching your goal. Exercise is a MUST as well, preferably every day. This is a lifetime commitment: Eat healthy and watch your portions size.


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