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West Hills, CA
Lost 34 lbs
Photo of woman showing her before and after the weight loss.

My Story:

I am a Mom of three, with my last pregnancy being twins. I wanted my pre-baby body back and thanks to Diet Doctors, I got it!


My experience with Diet Doctors and their staff:

My experience with Diet Doctors has been amazing and I'm very excited to have reached my goal. The staff is great and very helpful - I couldn't have done it without them. Their eating plan is easy to follow and the Vitamin B-12 injections helped me keep up my energy. I was also able to save money thanks to their referral program.


What motivated me to lose weight?

I was determined to reach my pre-baby weight and get my body back in shape


What were/are my biggest challenges?

My biggest challenges were eating right and working out. But once I created a routine for myself based on the Diet Doctors program, tips and guidance, it became easier to lose the extra pounds.


Special tip(s) I would like to share:

Eat right and work out! Make sure to stick to your routine - it's worth it!


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