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Pacoima, CA
Lost 30 lbs
Photo of woman showing her before and after the weight loss.

My Story:

When I first came to Diet Doctors I weighed almost 170 lbs, which was my heaviest weight ever. I'm only 5' 2", and besides being frustrated with my physical appearance, I hated feeling tired all the time and not having any energy to conquer my day.


My experience with Diet Doctors and their staff:

From day one, my visits at Diet Doctors have been a most pleasant experience. Their staff is warm and welcoming, and everyone is very knowledgeable and well informed. To increase my energy level, I also took advantage of their Vitamin B-12 injections, which are included in their weight loss program.


What motivated me to lose weight?

My two most important motivators are my daughter and my health. I want to be able to fully enjoy my daughter and be part of her life for many years to come.


What were/are my biggest challenges?

My biggest challenge is staying away from junk food.


Special tip(s) I would like to share:

Stay active. Go outdoors. Dance. Do anything you love that will keep you active and moving.


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