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Eating Healthy While Traveling

Wherever you travel, always bring bottled water to stay hydrated. These days, many airports restrict travelers from taking water bottles past the check-in area. However, once you are past security, you can purchase bottled water (avoid Colas).

If a meal is served during a flight, call the airline ahead of time to find out, if you can order a low-fat, low-calorie meal. You can also opt for a vegetarian meal.

If you are traveling domestically, the following foods make for excellent snacks: Fresh and dried fruits; fresh raw vegetables; sunflower, pumpkin and flax seeds; non-fat granola bars; non-fat crackers; unsweetened, high-fiber cereal. Limit amounts, as calories always count, even with healthy food.

If you are on a road trip, consider packing a camping stove and a cooler, even if you are staying at motels. Use designated picnic areas in parks or along beaches to cook up and enjoy a healthy meal.
Note: Airlines do not allow travelers to bring camping stoves on planes.

If you’re staying at hotels or motels that don't have refrigerators, fill up the sink with ice (usually available for free) to keep yogurt or similar products cold.

Coffee makers in hotel rooms are a great source for instant hot water. Run one cup through to get rid of any leftover coffee grinds, then use the next batch of hot water for oatmeal or soups.

When dining out while traveling, remember: If it looks bad or smells bad, send it back! Chicken breast and baked potatoes are always wise choices.

Whenever possible, use stairs instead of escalators or elevators. Find areas you can explore on foot, such as parks, beaches, hiking trails or car-free pedestrian zones.

Before you embark on a trip, check the Internet for grocery stores and healthy eating places near your destination. The Eat Well Guide® offers a free online directory for anyone in search of fresh, locally grown and sustainably produced food in the United States and Canada.

Have a safe and healthy trip!


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